Features and Amenities

The fire pit at the Old Homeplace sits on the edge of the woods overlooking Laurel Creek and at night you can hear the creek as it makes its way towards the Green River. The fire pit also has some benches made from the trees at the Old Homeplace Cottages.






Laurel Creek
Forms the eastern border of the Old Homeplace Cottages and Cabins and is a natural boundary between the Old Homeplace Cottages and Green River Drive. Laurel Creek eventually feeds into the Green River.   The hike down by Laurel Creek follows a North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission access road that leads to the Green River. The bridge from Old Home Place Cottages to Laurel Creek opens up to a wilderness for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and any other non motorized activities.





Picnic Area
Located above the woods overlooking Laurel Creek.  Even on the hottest of days you can sit in the shade of the woods and enjoy your meal and listen to the sounds of the woods or watch the birds and the squirrels playing in the trees.  There are plenty of tables available for the whole family.





Horseshoe Pit
Up the hill slightly from the picnic area is the horseshoe pit.  You and a friend can enjoy a good game of horseshoes before or after your meal.





It also overlooks the woods and Laurel Creek.  It’s a great place to relax, have conversations with friends and family or just meditate.  You can hear the water in Laurel Creek as it works its way down stream into the Green River gorge, and it is very quiet and relaxing especially early in the morning.  If you get to the gazebo early enough in the morning, you can watch the sunrise over the Blue Ridge Mountains.





A great day of hiking is just a step outside the doors of the Old Homeplace Cottages.  Whether it is just a short hike down the length of Laurel Creek or a day long trek deep into the Green River gorge, a great day in the outdoors awaits guests here at the Old Homeplace Cottages.  The road is wide enough to bring your horse or mountain bike and take a ride.  Please note that no motorized vehicles are allowed.  Also know that the area contains various wildlife, so be aware of your surroundings.





Bird Watching
Bird houses and feeders are located around the property that summon a variety of birds every season.  The migratory birds have made Old Homeplace Cottages and Cabins home to raise their families for generations.






Relaxing on the Deck
Each unit at Old Homeplace Cottages and Cabins has either a porch, deck or both for you to sit and relax, picnic or just chat.







All of our units are equipped with flat screen televisions with satellite service, WiFi and a state of the art emergency and security system by Vivint Security.

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